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FAQ Plywood with HPL decor


Plywood with HPL decor
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From which quantities can you order from us?

The smallest surface that you can order is 100x100mm.
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Which plate sizes, can you still send with the parcel service?

To enable shipping with a parcel service, the following rules are apply:
-The package can not be longer than 2.00 meters.
-The length of the package + the belt circumference (height + width + height + width in meters) must not exceed 3.00 meters.

For example, you would like to order a 10mm thick plywood board, with measuring 2.00 meters in length, then the width
of the plywood board should not be more then 0.45 meters:
2.00 meters long + 0.45 meters wide + 0.01 meters high + 0.45 meters wide + 0.01 meters high = 2.92 meters
(we also need some clearence for the packaging)

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How should I mark the course of the joints when placing an order?

This is quite simple because: The first measurement is also the specification of the joints length.
Order a board with an measurement indication of e.g. 200x150mm, then the joint on the 200mm:
länge größer als breite
A measurement indication of 150x200mm, takes the joints runs to the 150mm:
breite größer als länge

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Can you cut plywood also for stencils or templates?

Yes, of course, the cutting, for example, trapezoidal surfaces, arcs or curves according to dimension or template is possible.
The calculation is based on time expenses.

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What is HPL?

HPL, short form of "High Pressure Laminate" are simply printed papers that are bonded with high pressure and with the help of resins. The resulting plastic is short-term resistant to heat and scratches and is easy to care for and clean. HPL panels have arrived in many areas of our lives. Their often very real-looking decors can be found in furniture and kitchen, ceiling, wall and floor areas, as facade elements, etc.
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Is it possible to use Plywood with HPL decor also for exterior/outside?

Better not. The plywood boards are glued WBP, but the middle layers of this plate consist of Okumé/Gabon. Okumé/Gabon is a softwood. In extreme cases, can rotate the middle layers so that only the glue joints remain. You should actually only use these plates indoors, where these permanent wetness are not exposed.