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How to use our Internetshop

First Step:

Choose the article you want to order and click on the "Shopping Cart" button.
Add product to cart

Second Step:

To put your item in a shopping cart, it must be this first be created. Click here for on the "OK" button.
Create cart with a cookie

Third Step:

Then enter the quantity you want, with the selector.

Quantity piece

Fourth Step:

In the case of profiles, they must also have an indication of the length, in the case of boards, glueing woodboards, plywood and gatings, you must also specify the width.
For a few profiles, they may also select an additional information, like rebate widths and heights.
Specify a width and heights

Fifth Step:

Then click the "Add to Cart" button. Add product to shopping cart

Sixth Step:

Then you can order more articles from the same article number (for example, to have the same profile in a different length) or, as in our example, complete the order. Please click here for the button "Show shopping cart".
Put more products in the shopping cart

Seventh Step:

Your shopping cart will now be displayed. You can use the "Delete items" button to delete individual items or the entire shopping cart.
To proceed with your order please click "Order all ietems".
Delete items or order all articles

Eighth Step:

You will be asked to provide your complete address, please fill in all the details. The Telephone Number field is not mandatory.
Please also let us know if you would like to pick up the goods or if we should send them to you.
specify billing address

Ninth Step:

All information will now be displayed again for control.
If you have selected "Order pickup" in step 8, the order process will now be finalized by pressing the button "Order article". You will then receive an email or telephone call to inform you when your goods will be ready for pickup.
If you have selected "order in shipping" in step 8, after pressing the button "order article" you will see the request to send your order to the already mentioned address or to another one.
Order complete on pickup, otherwise continue to delivery address

10th Step:

If you click on "No", a mask appears in which you can give us a separate delivery address.
If you click on "Yes", the order will be sent to the address you indicated in point 8.
Entering a delivery address otherwise continue to calculate the shipping costs

11th Step:

The system now calculates the packaging costs and the most favorable shipping tariff for you.
By clicking on the button "Verp. & Fracht Accept" your order will be completed.
shipping costs are calculated

12th Step:

You will receive an order confirmation via eMail. To make a payment by credit card or direct debit, please click on the link "Your Payment Details" If you click on "Your order" your order will be displayed again. In addition, you can also send us a message via email for additional order information.
order is completed

13th Step:

Display your order with the ability to send us an additional message by email.
Advertisement order To order you can send us another message