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Encrypted to get in touch with us.

Threema You'd rather communicate encrypted with us?
We offer a contact via the messenger Threema. Threema is an app that you can download for little money in the Apple Appstore, Microsoft or Google Pay. It offers a real end-to-end encryption on a swiss server and you can send messages (like as other messenger) text, files or images with it.
If you install or have already installed Threema, then you will find us with the
Threema ID: 326D5WYA
Username: Tischlerei Kurt Behn KG
For visitors with mobile phone is a direct contact or a easier download at: possible.

By the way, after installing it on your mobile phone, you can also use Threema on your PC.
For more information about Threema, visit: https://threema.ch/en .