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Kebony for boatbuilding

Kebony Logo View on a deck with Kebony wood after two years
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From autumn 2011, our company start selling Kebonywood. The basis of Kebony is refined radiata wood that by a norwegian polymerization process get similar properties like teak. Kebony has the aesthetics of natural wood, is also durable like teak and has the same good qualities in the shrinkage measurements.
Kebonywood can be cleaned (like teak) with salt water and soft soap, and, if you want, you can treat it with teak oil or varnish usual.

The production:

For the process: Radiata wood is 100% saturated with furfuryl alcohol and then heated slightly. As result, the alcohol polymerizated in the cell walls of the wood. It creates a timber with high strength and durability and with a low levels of shrinkage.
Herstellung von Kebony


Kebony can be done sawing, planing and sanding like all other types of wood. Adhesive applications are easy with, for example, Sikaflex products. Verlegung Kebony


Kebony can turn gray as you known from teak. Normal cleaning with salt water or soft soap is sufficient. If you should sand the cover after years, the original color of the wood appears new. And if you wish, you can also paint the wood, or oil it.
(Please note:. coatings reduce the slip resistance! Oils can trigger chemical incompatibilities with joint materials!). Vergrauen von Kebony

What is feasible with Kebony?

Everything we offer on our websites in Teak, we can basically offer you in Kebony as well. There is only one exception: Veneers. They are not producible from Kebony, which eliminates also plywood-based products.

Things to know:

  • Kebony can also be used for teakdeckrepairs. It all balances by the graying of the existing teak externally.
  • Kebony is FSC-certified. If you want, the certification numbers are given in purchase orders.
  • Furfuryl alcohol is a by-product of the sugar production.
  • Although outwardly it would seem, Kebony is not Thermowood.
Ansicht Teak neben Kebony neben Teak neben Kebony


Statistik zu Kebony

Please note:

  • After sanding a slight smell of smoke is noticeable, but in our experience evaporates that very quickly.
  • Kebony is darker than teak and darknessdegrees varies
  • Kebony has been used for about 10 years in the maritime area. The current experience in outdoor use were so encouraging that we have decided to take Kebony in our program.
Kebony geölt nach zwei Jahren


Due to their constant availability, Kebony products are cheaper than products made from teak.


Kebony information:



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View on a deck with Kebony wood after two years Forebody bottom

View Kebony on the gangboard View Kebony bathing platform

View Kebony on a power boat View Kebony forebody power boat