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Cushion box

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Product description:

This chest, shapely and functional, keeps your pillows dry and safe from dirt and is a real eye-catcher in your garden.
The constant internal ventilation occurs below the lid. The lid itself has a slight stitch arch so that moisture can drip off permanently.
The chest is specially designed for you to measure. You can specify online whether the exterior or interior sizes are decisive for you.

The production:

Production of solid wood Kebony. The sides and lid of the chest are made of high quality marine plywood. Occupied with 5mm thick Kebony and grooved with TDS(Teak-Decking-System) black.. The lid has a slight curvature to prevent moisture from remaining. All fittings made of stainless steel and all connections waterproof glue. This chest is made to measure for you and can be order online:
from 650x500x500mm to 1900x800x800mm.

The delivery is made assembled but natural.



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Cushion Chest made in Kebony
650x 500x 500mm
1900x 800x 800mm
from 1830.00
from 2177.70
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Delivery times:

The delivery times for this product are usually between 4-8 weeks.


View of cushion box from the side View of cushion chest from the front, opened