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What quality do I get?

All moldings are free of branches, cracks and have no sapwood on.
They are made from orginal premium teak-, mahogany- or kebony wood. The production is based on high quality standards. This profile is available in fixed lengths, which means we cut them in the same lengths as you need them.
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From which quantities can you order from us?

There is no minimum order quantity, so you can also get small length such as: 3x 200mm or shorter.

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Are larger moldings than 2500mm available?

On request, longer moldings up to approx. 3500 mm are also available. Please ask us specifically for this.
Please keep in mind, that strip lengths over 2000mm can only be shipped with a forwarding company.

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Are other profile dimensions also available?

Yes, we can also produce these profiles in other dimensions (also in smaller quantities).
For the production we need a sketch of the cross section or you send us a sample.
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Are there any matching rings for these strip profiles?

Yes, you can find it in our accessory area