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FAQ Foldable table tops for the steering column


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Questions about the tabletop:

Questions about the fittings:

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How are your foldable table tops manufactured?

All table tops are from our own production. You get a high quality and long life product! Only selected veneers and high quality middle layers are used. The table flap hinges are inserted 1/10mm exactly with a CNC machine specially made for us. Of course, the table tops are glued waterproof and finely sanded.
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Are your table tops made of solid wood teak?

No, the table tops are veneered. Only then is it possible that the table tops survive permanently dimensionally and stable. The veneer thickness is about 2mm on both sides.
Cross section through our table top
Another advantage is, that you get a table, that always has a uniform wood grain appearance.

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Are the table tops also available in special sizes?

Yes of course. The delivery time takes 3-4 weeks.

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Are the table tops finished?

The table tops are delivered in natural teak and are therefore neither painted or oiled.

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How do I care the table tops?

Normally, you would not care for the tabletops. But as result, the table will turn gray over time and water margins can not always be avoided. Here we recommend, for once, to a commercial teak oil.
To varnish the table top is in our experience rather unsuitable, since the constant folding of the side panels, often tear the paint films on the folding edge and the table is then very quickly unsightly.
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Which table fittings must I use?

You can use the table top for any table fitting we offer.
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What material is your hardware made of?

Each of our table fittings are made in stainless steel.
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How is your fitting mounted?

Based from a "normal" steering column with a bracket all around the column having a tube with diameter of 25, 30 or 32mm in stainless steel. Front and side view of a steering column
The folding hinges are fixed to the upright tubes at a height of approx. 70-75 cm with using the stainless steel clamps. Mounting the hinges on tube
About 25cm below, the bearings for the bow are also fixed with clamps.
Mounting the bow bearings on the tube
Then hook the table bow and screw the table top to the folding hinges. Fixing table top on hinges and hook the bow
Now bring the tabletop in a horizontal position and then fold the table bow upwards. Make a mark on the point where the bracket rests on the underside of the table top and then screw the catch plate. Finished. Fixing the catch plate

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Can the table easily removed?

Yes. All you have to do is to pull a spring cotter pin (which additional serves table) and then pull the hinge pin out to the side.
Then you can remove the table top from the steering column.
Removing the table top

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Does the distance between the two tubes of the steering column play a role?

The two tubes of the steering column must not be further apart than the table top is wide in the folded state.
E.g. on our table tops: Not further from outer edge tube to outer edge tube as max. 370mm. Otherwise, the fitting consists on individual parts, so it does not matter what the distance between the tubes is. Distance of the steering tubes

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I have only in the upper area of the steering column a bracket, so can I still use the fitting also?

Yes, the table bow has just to be turned over, that means, the bearings of the bow are mounted on the underside of the table. The catch plate is fixed directly to the steering column.
Turn over the the table bow

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In the tube of the steering column the throttle control is integrated, what can I do there?

Take a look. if the throttle lever cover can be moved a few centimeters down, so that the table can be fixed at a height near by 70cm. If this works, then a distance piece can be mounted between the steering tube and table top, so that the throttle lever can be unrestricted used.
Distance piece for throttle lever

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I have a traveller directly in front of the steering column. Do you have a solution for this?

We offer a table for the "Bavaria Match" series. This is also fixed with the same fitting on the steering column, but has no table bow, but a folding table leg.
The disadvantage is, that this table has to be removed and stored away when not in use.
Table top for steering columns with traveller ahead

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The bow tube is not directly in front of the steering column but rather a bit offset to the rear or center, what can you do?

Like the problem of the throttle lever, we can offer a distance piece in teak wood. But you must make the cutout for the steering column then locally..
Distance piece with cutout for the steering column

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Which table top lengths can I use on the steering column?

Due to the mounting height of the fitting, a maximum table top length of 730mm is possible. Longer table tops would sit on the floor when folded down. To get a longer table, we can only recommend an additional table extension.