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FAQ Bulwark molding



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What quality do I get?

All moldings are free of branches, cracks and have no sapwood on. The surfaces are fine sanded.
By this profile, we reserve the right, to deliver up to 10% longer moldings than ordered and settle.
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From which quantities can you order from us?

With us, there is no minimum order quantity, so you can also order small pieces such as: 3x200mm length (or shorter).
(Please note that we may calculate a minimum quantity surcharge for this profile).

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Are larger moldings than 2500mm available?

On request, longer moldings up to approx. 3500 mm are also available. Please ask us specifically for this.
Please keep in mind, that strip lengths over 2000mm can only be shipped with a forwarding company.

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Are other profile dimensions also available?

Yes, we can also produce these profiles in other dimensions (also in smaller quantities).
For the production we need a sketch of the cross section or you send us a sample.

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How are your scarf joints cut?

The scarf joints are cut in a ratio of about 1:10, which means that the bevel edge get 10 times the length of the strip cross-section, so that you can be sure to get a permanent gluing.
The course of each scarf joint takes place from the inner edge ship's side to toward the outer edge at the stern side.
dimension scarf joint
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How do I proceed with bulwark strips during installation?

The scarf joins of the bulwark strips must first glued, because how longer the strips are, so much better you can adjust the strip later paralell to the ship hulk. Are the joints have been glued, the bulwark should be mounted dry on the hulk and fixed with a few screws. Make sure that you start mounting at the largest bend of the ship, otherwise you may find the rest of the strip too short and you will not have enough leverage to pull the strip around the ship hulk
Demonstration lever by mounting
Mark the bulwark strip on the hulk on top and bottom with a fine pin - and tear also the remaining holes. Remove the strip again, sand the surface (where the strip should sit) and clean it again thoroughly. Apply a permanently elastic adhesive (such as Sikaflex) with a notched trowel exactly between the two markings before you start the actual final assembly.
Demonstration mounting a bulwark strip