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FAQ Woodboards and king planks


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Which types of wood do you use?

For teak we only use premium teak qualities. They have very tightstanding tree rings and are firm in structure. But premium teak qualities show also other features:
So these teak have a particularly good dimensional stability (with swelling and shrinkage, the wood has only marginally deformation) and has high conservation properties that make it particularly resistant to general corrosion, fungal attack, insects and chemicals.
In mahogany, we usually use sipo-mahogany, but also kahya- and sapele-mahogany is available from us.
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What quality do I get?

All boards and king planks are free of branches, cracks and have no sapwood on. They are planed on both sides and cut parallel.
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What is the difference between woodboards and king planks?

The difference between king planks and boardwood is only the location of the tree rings on the front sides of the wood. When the wood has standing until 45° annual rings, so it is called king planks. From 45° to lying annual rings are called woodboard products. Woods with standing tree rings have rather a simple grain on the surface. Woods with lying tree rings have a so-called floral or flame-like grain on the surface.
Difference between king planks and woodboards
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From which quantities can you order from us?

There is no minimum order quantity, so you can also get small pieces such as: 20x5cm or 10x4cm.
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Are other types of wood possible?

Other types of wood, such as black-cherry, ash, oak, beech, are also available in smaller quantities. Please ask us for this separately.
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How should I mark the direction of the grain when placing an order?

This is quite simple because: The first measurement is also the specification of the maser progression.
Order a board with an measurement indication of e.g. 200x150mm, then the grain runs on the 200mm:
länge größer als breite
A measurement indication of 150x200mm, takes the grain runs to the 150mm:
breite größer als länge

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Are larger boards than 2500mm available?

On request, longer pieces of wood up to 2500mm are available. Please ask us specifically for this.
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Are larger widths than 80mm available?

Unfortunately, not as single boards.
If you still need wider solid wood surfaces then you can order these as glueing woodboards.

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Are other wood thicknesses available?

Yes of course. You can get up to 48mm thick wooden pieces and boards on request.
If you would like to order intermediate thicknesses, the next higher standard thickness will be calculated.

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Do I get all boards in the same woodcolor?

Unfortunately, this can only be answered with a clear yes and also no, because teak and mahogany are natural products.
Fresh produce teakwood often has very, very strong color variations, ranging from yellow, green, red to dark brown. Often decorated with black speckle. If you like, this is the natural color of the wood. The well-known amber-hue is made by sunlight and sets the wood after two month in this color.
In mahogany, however, the color differences from wood log to wood log are very different. Nevertheless, we take great care, that even if we have to make your order from different stocks, the color differences will be minimal.

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Can you also cut boards according to templates?

Yes, of course, the cutting, for example, of trapezoidal surfaces, arches or curves according to dimension or template is possible. The calculation is based on time spent.