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Mouldings, profiles and board material

Look on a large selection of different types of profiles and mouldings in different types of wood. Whether square moulding or bump strip, whether quarter round profil or round rod, whether board material or veneer, here you can order profiles as from 20 cm in length.


A specialty of our company. High quality and craftsmanship, clean processing and a very long life are just a few features. All shapes and contours can be produced and you have a choice between three different grids.

Prefabricated teakdeck

Stylish and Safe. With us, you get the prefabricated teakdeck in all sizes and shapes for the gang board and cockpit. Depending on your wishes with straight or curved mouldings. Produce after patterns, manufactured in segments for easy adhere on your boat.

Furniture for onboard

You need a new table for the saloon or the cockpit? A drink holder for your steering-column? A flag stick? Or your handrail on the cabin roof must be replaced and therefore you want to order a new online? Then take a look here on this side.

Marine plywood

Waterproof plywood for indoor and outdoor use. With decorative veneers, or simply for the construction. Also available online in the blanc.
Here you will find also our marinedeck panel, which you can already get in pre-cut small pieces.

Screws for the teakdeck, stainless steel rails for your bump strip, WBP glues and adhesives, plugs and matching drill, screws in stainless steel quality and other useful accessories for boat building. Please, have a look at our sortiment.

Yacht collection

A cockpit tabletop for your Bavaria Yacht? Or a readymade teakdeck for the coaming of your Hanse? Or a grating for the headfloor of your Beneteau sailing boat? Find here ready made accessories for your sailboat, clearly arranged by yacht builders and boattypes.