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A table fitting, simply and brilliantly. The fitting is mount at the side on the cockpit wall and is with only three clamping screws to a very solidly fastened.
With two 360-degree pivot points can the table be rotate in any position, without disturbing table legs.
At the height the table can be 65 to 75 cm steplessly adjust, and if you no longer need them, he takes one..., two..., three...., quickly stow.
The robust underframe is of saltwater-firm aluminium. A second connection plate would be also available. Thus the table could change his position, e.g., between saloon and cockpit.

The table top
From own production. By a nice size from 75x50cm or 75x55cm.
Material: Marine plywood with optional of a teak or mahogany surface.
So that nothing can slide down so fast, all four sides are enclosed with fiddles and four corners are open, so smaller crumbs can be removed easier.
The delivery of the tabletop occurs natural and can be oiled suburb itself or be varnished.

Tabletop and fitting weigh together just once approx. 5.5 kg.

Should this tabletop not accept to you, the Lagun fitting is also available individually and can be combined with any other cockpit tabletop from our production.